“Styx…” she hushed out, riding a small, needy moan. Her ni**les were like damn bullets, her hips slowly rocking with need. “It is you… It has always been you…”

And then she was on me. Mouth pressed right against mine, her tiny hand gripping my hair in her tight fist, pushing me farther against her hungry f**kin’ lips. I took what she gave, battled it, f**kin’ conquered it, and when that tongue pushed through to meet mine… I snapped.

With a move like lightning, I thrust Mae back to the bed, tearing at her mouth with my lips, my hands moving to grip her tiny Jane Mansfield waist, pinning her below me. She whimpered as my tongue wrapped around hers and her skin felt like it was on fire. Feeling outta my mind with desperation, a desperation to touch every part of her, brand her as mine, I shifted my hands down to her tight thighs and in one move, wrenched them apart, my c**k now lying flat against her pu**y.

Christ. She was ready, so f**kin’ ready.

It was gonna happen. I was gonna take Mae. Had to. It wasn’t a choice as she squirmed underneath me, grinding against my dick.

Breaking from her mouth, I hissed as her legs wrapped ’round my waist. “F-f-fuck, babe. Y-you’re ready, huh? R-r-ready for me to make you c-come?”

Wolf eyes widened as I pressed against her clit with my denim-covered cock, and Mae choked out a moan. “Styx! What? What? Ugh…” Her mouth dropped open and I leaned in to lick around the seams before sitting up and staring down at the most amazing sight I’d ever seen.

Beautiful, stunning Mae all laid out for me to take.

Her eyes cracked open at the loss of my weight and a tiny smirk tugged on her lips. She drank me in—every cut muscle, shredded arm, bulging vein, every inch of ink. She loved it, creamin’ at what she saw. I knew I looked good. That’s not arrogance; I worked hard and knew I was cut.

My gaze dropped to her tits. I needed a taste. Before Mae knew what had happened, I latched onto her nipple, sucking, pulling at the hard flesh.

“Ahh… Styx… That feels… so… Ahh…” I smiled against the soft skin, flicking my tongue back and forth, lapping on the sweet taste.

After one tit was done, I moved on to the next, only increasing the pleasure. Fingers suddenly held on to my hair and pulled and clawed like a woman gone wild.

I loved it, almost burst at every tug.

I needed in.

Sitting back, Mae aggressively fisted the black silk sheet. “Styx… I need… I need… Ah! What is it I need? I feel… I feel… on fire… I cannot stand it.”

A satisfied grin spread across my lips as I watched her writhe for me. Yeah, she f**kin’ needed it, needed me.

I shifted down her body, my eyes looking down her stomach to her pu**y. Her bare, wet pu**y. “Fuck, b-babe. You’re goddam p-perfect.”

I stroked along the inner side of her thigh, still nipping at her tit. “I’m g-gonna get you ready with my f-fingers. Then I’m g-gonna eat this pu**y u-until you cream in my m-mouth. Then, wh-when you c-can’t take no m-more, I’m g-gonna fill y-you up with m-my c**k until y-you scream, so f**kin’ loud.”

“Styx… please…”

My middle finger ran along her pu**y lips, her legs widening to let me in. I then pushed it in and watched as her head threw back with a long moan, hands over her head, gripping onto the head of the bed.

I picked up speed, skirting across that f**kin’ sweet spot that I knew would make her lose her mind. Her toes curled and she squealed, bright eyes flashing at me. “What… what was that?”

“Th-that, b-babe, is what real f-f-fuckin’ should feel like.”

“Oh… Again… please…” she asked breathlessly.

Adding a second finger, her hips rocking faster now, I lifted the plunging digit to search for her release.

“Styx… I need… I need… Ahh…” I knew what she needed, what she was begging for, so taking my thumb, I pressed the pad against her clit, rubbing in hard circles, and f**k, she went off like a damn firecracker. Her head turned and her scream muffled in the pillow she pressed against her mouth to mute the sound.

Bringing her down, I slowly removed my fingers, making sure she watched as I licked along each digit. Gripping her bent knees, I lowered my head. I needed to taste her more than I needed to breathe. But as I moved in and focused on my target, I stopped.

Scars. Lots of f**kin’ scars.

Slowly, and trying to stay calm, I moved back, sitting on my haunches, just staring down. Mae shifted up on her elbows, alarmed.

“What is it? Did I do something wrong?”

My fists clenched and I breathed in deep through my flared nostrils. I knew I probably looked like the devil incarnate, but I was seething—fuckin’ scars! Beauty had said as much. Mae must have been tortured for years, raped for years, and I jump on her like a beast at the first chance.

Christ. I was no better than those ra**sts at her cult.

I felt sick, a hungover-as-fuck sick feeling in the very pit of my stomach.

“Styx? Please… what did I do?”

I shook my head as I realized I’d been staring at Mae’s thighs and met her worried gaze. She was beautiful. Even confused, she was stunningly gorgeous. Her skin was flushed from coming so hard, her black hair messy from rolling around in pleasure, but those wolf eyes… those wolf eyes were filling with tears, glossing more and more as she followed the path of my attention.

With a cry, her thighs slapped shut and she scurried back against the headboard, her arms wrapping around her legs.