A red mist fogged my mind and I was spittin’ mad. I wanted to hurt something, hit something… kill someone… bad.

My brothers had looked to me for explanations when I came through the bar. Viking, Flame, and AK off like f**kin’ Ghost Riders, burning road after the bastards who dared f**k with their brothers. But I had no answers. I knew they all had my back, but I couldn’t get my head focused beyond Mae, couldn’t rid the image of Rider saving Mae’s life. That should’ve been me. I f**ked up and if it wasn’t for Rider taking a f**kin’ bullet in the shoulder, I would’ve lost her.

It weren’t sitting well with me.

One thing was certain; Mae would never be leaving me again. Fuck trying to do good by her. She was staying right here with me, where I could watch her… protect her. At compound she was safe.

I’d done everything but drag her back to my room, and seeing her holding her f**kin’ injured arm, looking tiny and pale on my bed again, made me almost explode. I’d ordered her to the shower like a f**kin’ top-grade Nazi, unable to bear looking at her perfect skin tainted by blood, to be confronted with the reality of what could’ve happened. What had happened to Lois… fuckin’ loyal and messed-up Lois.

And now here I was, in the bathroom, freshly showered, dressed only in my jeans, having to face the repercussions of acting like a total prick to the only bitch I’d ever wanted. I’d scared her shitless. I could see the fear in her f**kin’ wolf gaze.

She feared me and it was all my fault.

Inwardly cussing and dumping the wet towel on the floor, I walked outta the bathroom and froze on the spot.



She was buck-naked, pink pu**y on show, tight round ass up, with her arms gripped behind her back in submission, forehead pressed against the mattress. My f**kin’ woman was braced on the bed, ready to be f**ked… Real f**ked-up shit!

I was wrong. What I’d felt before this moment wasn’t rage; it was a slight f**kin’ flicker of annoyance, a whisper of f**kin’ anger. It had to be, because seeing the bitch I was turning crazy for waiting for me in some bastard abuse-victim pose had me in cold-blooded murdering territory.

Despite my best efforts, my c**k hardened until it was almost painful, that tight pu**y too much to deal with. I’d wanted to f**k Mae since she woke up in my bed. Wanted to rip those f**kin’ leathers off her all damn day and sink into her warm pink hole. But any picture I’d painted in my head of what she’d look like naked was surpassed by f**kin’ miles. But her like this, braced for me to rape her, had me spinning.

What the hell had she come from? What the hell had they done to her in that commune? And why the f**k did she think she still had to do it right now?

And then I saw them: layers of scars on her back. Lots of ’em. Scratches, chain marks, lashes? I didn’t f**kin’ know.

Unable to see her like this anymore, I snapped, “M-Mae! What the f-fuck?!!”

She didn’t move.

Not even an inch.

Not even a flinch.

Moving around to the head of the bed, I beat my fist in my hand. She was zoned the hell out. Off in some la-la land or some shit.

My jaw clenched with anger, rage building up in my body, causing me to scream. “GET THE FUCK UP!!!”

Mae snapped out of her molestation trance and fell to the side, curling in on herself, peeking up at me through those beautiful long, black lashes; adopting the fetal position.

“Wh-what was that?” I asked through clenched teeth.

Her eyes were as big as motherfuckin’ saucers and her pink lips popped open with a gasp. She didn’t speak, just… stared.

Leaning on the bed, my muscles straining, I asked her again, “Answer the f-f-fuckin’ q-question, Mae. What. The. Hell. Was. Th-that???”

She swallowed so loud I swear you could hear it all the way to Mexico. “D-did… did… I displease you?”

Her devastated face cut through me.

Out and out fear. Me. She f**kin’ feared me.

I dropped to the bed, groaning low as I drank in the sight of her perfect round tits, smooth with big fat dusky ni**les, big enough to spill out over my fingers when cupped and a flat smooth stomach, milky skin. Reaching down, I adjusted my cock, which was gonna smash through my jeans any f**kin’ second. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, calming down. Opening them again, I picked up my cut from my chair and passed it to her.

“C-c-cover yourself.”

Mae snatched it from me and hid her body, tucking her legs and arms under the mass of leather. Hades grinned up at me—no. Taunted me. Mae looked so small. Petrified and small. And I couldn’t help but note that she looked so f**kin’ hot under my cut.

Old lady good.


Wrong time!

Shifting my legs slightly, I faced her. “B-b-babe, wh-why d’you do that?”

Lowering her eyes, she whispered, “I had made you angry. I was trying to make you happy. Is that not what women do here, on the outside?”

My fists clenched.

“Mae, I was p-pissed at what just happened, not at you! B-b-babe, I shouldn’t have shouted, b-but I couldn’t calm d-down. I have a short f-fuse. You g-got f**kin’ targeted today, Lois died and it was my f-fault! You coulda f**kin’ d-died if it weren’t for Rider!”

“Why was it your fault?” she asked quietly.

“‘C-c-cause I kept you! The club’s g-gettin’ shit, some other or-or… organization is t-trying to take us out. J-j-just have to figure out now wh-who and take the f**kers out first—a-a-ain’t the first attempt; won’t be the last.” I took a deep breath, relaxing my throat. It was getting easier to talk to Mae.