I nodded stiffly and placed an appreciative hand on his shoulder. With that, I headed back into the main base and over to the bar.

Pit asked, “You good, Prez?

I nodded and he pointed to the bottles of liquor behind the bar.

“What can I get you?”

Sucking in a deep breath, I pointed to the Beam. I needed it large and I needed it to keep coming.

Chapter Three


“Wh-wh-what’s your n-name?”


“Wh-wh-what’s this p-place?”


“Styx… STYX!”

“Puh… puh… please… Wh-what’s your n-name?”

“I am Sin. We are all sin…”

I snapped outta my daze. Someone was shaking my shoulder. I looked up. Lois.

She pulled up a stool beside me as I refocused on the amber liquid, almost empty, in my glass. Shit. How many had I had?

“What’s going down with that girl?”

I didn’t bother giving her a response.

“Are you okay?” she asked quietly, hand on my shoulder. Bitch was a total f**kin’ sweetheart. Shouldn’t have got handed this shit deal in life.

Tipping back the last of my fifth Beam, I stood and began walking out of the bar to my club room. Halfway to the exit, I glanced back over my shoulder, seeing Lois watching me go, f**kin’ eyes shining. With a tip of my chin at her, I set to walking once more.

As I opened the door to my room, I sensed her behind me. Spinning around, I took her by the top of her arms, ripping off her dress.

“Styx…” she moaned breathlessly. “I love you, Styx. I’m here for you, baby…”

As I ripped down the straps of her black bra, her lips sucked at my neck. Shedding my cut, I tugged off my black shirt and yanked open the zipper of my jeans. No boxers to shed underneath.

Turning Lois to face the wall, I guided us to the unmade bed—the bed I saved for f**king, stained with cum and sweat. Pushing on her neck, head to the mattress, I kept her full ass up in the air—no panties, pu**y bald, just how I liked it. Easy access.

Reaching into the back pocket of my jeans, I picked out a Trojan and wrapped it on my cock.

“Take me, Styx. Take me… hard.”

Grabbing her boney hips, I slammed into her wet pu**y, throwing my head back on a silent hiss. Fuck. This was why I kept her around just for my personal use.

Lois whimpered beneath me and started rocking back along my dick. I knew I was f**ked the minute I imagined Lois’s tanned skin pale in color, her shoulder-length brown hair grow out to her back and deepen to jet black, and when her head turned and her brown eyes faced me, I only saw a pair of ice-blue irises looking back, the lids hooded in pleasure.

Squeezing my eyes shut, I pictured Jane Doe below me, thrashing wild, screaming out in pleasure and coming over and over again while I took her raw. The thought had my c**k twitching and my neck cording, coming so hard I had to use my fists to balance on the mattress.

“Baby…. That was… amazing.” My eyes flew open as Lois panted below me, her back dripping with sweat, a huge smile on her lips as she looked back at me.


Pulling out, I snapped off the rubber and zipped up my jeans, just as a hard rap sounded at my door. Throwing on my Black Sabbath shirt, I ran a hand through my hair, checking to make sure Lois was dressing too. She was. She knew she weren’t welcome to stick around.

The door opened and Ky and Rider stood before me, my VP shaking his head. “There you are, man. I’ve been calling your name for the last few minutes.”

I looked at Rider and hid my anxiousness with my usual indifferent scowl.

News? I signed.

Rider sighed as I led the brothers into the bar. I caught Lois closing the door to my room. Throwing me a small smile, she headed in the direction of the other club whores.

Rider, Ky and I sat at my usual table, and I leaned back to hear the verdict.

“She’s sticking around for now. She’s had three pints of blood, an IV of strong antibiotics. Temperature’s come down, vitals’ stablizing. She’s strong, healthy. Early twenties I’d guess, but f**kin’ dangerously undernourished. We’ll see how the night plays out. She gets through the next twenty-four hours, she’ll probably make it.”

Probably. Not good enough, not nearly good enough, but if it’s all I got, I’d take it.

I tapped the bar, Pit slipping his short pale ass behind it.

“What you guys want? Beer?” he asked, his usual f**kin’ happy grin on his face. The brother was the happiest damn recruit we’d ever had. The kid seemed too pure to deal with what this club throws your way.

Giving a nod, I signaled for two, passed the Buds to my brothers, and tipped my chin at Rider in thanks. Slapping Ky on the back, I headed to my apartment.

Getting through the hallway and up the stairs, I immediately froze in the doorway to my room. If possible, Jane Doe looked even hotter the second time around, despite the wires poking into her flesh, but she needed cleaning up.

Beauty. I’d get Beauty.

Walking into the lounge of the clubhouse, brothers watched me as I entered, lying with their sluts for the night on the red leather sofas, some pausing in their pu**y fingering, as did those chilling, playing pool. I’d obviously caused some talk as everyone stilled when they saw me, eying me weird.

Signaling to Tank to meet me at the farthest bar, out of earshot, I sat down. Two bourbons were waiting, courtesy of Pit. First glass went straight down the hatch.