Two days later…

Brothers, we took back my woman and reclaimed our turf. Now, drink, relax—

“And eat pu**y!” Ky shouted, cutting off my sign from behind. My VP walked to the edge of the stairs, drink held high and howled, “Live free, ride free, die free!”

The hundreds of brothers already drunk off their asses cheered Ky and hollered back, “Live free, ride free, die free!” He slapped a hand on my back laughing as I sent him a death glare. He downed his whiskey in one, smashing the empty glass on the floor.

Three days of celebrating were coming to an end, and the brothers were splitting, heading back to their own chapters. One war was won, but there were plenty more to be fought down the road.

I caught Mae standing off to the side of the stairs, looking too damn hot back in her leathers. She was stood with Beauty and Letti. The two old ladies never let Mae outta their sight.

Jumping down off the stairs, I wrapped her up in my arms, her wandering hands slipping under my shirt and along my ripped abs and back. Heat flared in her wolf eyes.

“We’re g-going for a r-ride,” I said just for Mae to hear. She looked up and flashed me a huge smile.

“Okay. Let me just tell Lilah and Maddie I am going out for a while.”

Mae pointed up at my apartment window and sighed. With huge eyes, her two sisters were watching the brothers in the yard, staring off in different directions. I groaned when I followed their differing paths. Lilah was watching Ky like a hawk. He was in the middle of groping Tiff’s and Jules’s bared tits, smiling up at the pilgrim blonde with a shit-eating grin. And Maddie, f**k, Maddie was transfixed on Flame, the brother pacing the yard like a bull. His black eyes stalked Maddie watching him from the window; his head twitched and his fingers ripped at the skin of his arms, drawing blood. I’d warned my brothers to stay the f**k away from them, but Christ, I could just feel the shit about to descend on this foursome.

Mae’s arms slipped from my waist and she pressed a kiss to my lips.

I slapped her ass. “I’ll m-meet you out f-front.”

Five minutes later, Mae strutted outta the gate and got on the back of my bike. It felt so f**kin’ good.

With a roar of the engine, we pulled out onto the road. There was only one place I was taking my woman.

As we pulled up to the Colorado River, I felt Mae’s arms squeeze my waist. I smiled. She loved this place.

Pulling the Harley to a stop, Mae jumped off the back and we sat down on the dry grass. Before my ass had even hit the ground, she dived on top of me, her tiny weight managing to slam my back to the ground, her lips pressing to mine.

I instantly gripped her ass as she ground that hot pu**y right against my cock.

“You want m-me, babe?” I asked, breaking from her kiss, titling up her neck and licking up her throat.

“So badly, Styx. I want you so much,” she replied breathlessly.

Rolling her under me, I snapped open her zipper, yanking down her leathers, her teeth dragging down her bottom lip. Her bare pu**y came into view, no panties. My eyes rolled back and I groaned just as Mae gripped the hem of her shirt and ripped it over her head. No bra.


With Mae naked under me, I made quick work of getting outta my clothes and I moved above my woman, my fingers plunging inside her slit. Wolf eyes widened at the feeling and her head snapped back with a hiss. Leaning down, I took her tits in my mouth and sucked, her answering moan making my c**k twitch.

“Styx… inside… please…” she begged, her hips rolling, and smiling around her nipple between my teeth, I moved my dick to her pu**y and, tucking my hands under her head, slammed inside.


“Styx!” she screamed, raking her fingers down my back.

I rocked within her as she gripped my ass, my mouth moving to hers and my tongue thrusting in her wet mouth.

It felt too damn good. She was so tight. Our tongues wrestled and her moans were driving me f**kin’ insane.

“Styx… I love you,” she whispered as she broke from my mouth.

Groaning too loud, I picked up speed, the heavy slapping sounds of our thighs driving me on. My nose tucked in her neck and her pu**y tightened, fisting my dick so f**kin’ hard. Back arching, her tits pressed against my chest and a scream ripped from her throat as she came.

“Shit… Styx… Styx…” She panted.

I slammed into her once more and my head tilted back as I flooded her with cum. Fuck. Fuck. Fuucckkkkk…

Collapsing on top of Mae, I rolled us so she draped across my chest. We caught our breath and I laughed.

She sat up and raised an eyebrow. “What?”

I ran my hand down the crack of her ass and her eyes hooded. “D-did you j-just cuss?”

Her eyes widened and a giggle lit up her face. My heart f**kin’ flipped.

“Yes, I did. You must be rubbing off on me.”

“Oh, I’ll r-rub off on you a-all r-right!”

She slapped my chest and then ran her finger along my swastika scar. Her smile faded. “I cussed at Gabriel too.”

I brushed hair from her eyes. “You d-did?”

She nodded, but her eyes dulled, so I waited for her to speak. “He said you had corrupted me. That I had sold my soul to Satan.”

“C’mere,” I ordered. Mae shifted up my chest, allowing me to cup her face. “I ain’t ever m-met a bitch as pure as you, as in-innocent as you. You ch-changed my f-fuckin’ life, babe. You ain’t c-corrupted. Y-you’re f-fuckin’ perfect.”