Great. More f**kin’ drama.


“Prez! Where the f**k you going?” Viking shouted from the sofa, his newest lay sprawled on his lap, hand down his jeans, jerking the brother off.

Out, I signed and headed for the yard, beer in hand, heading to my usual bench opposite the mural.

“What the f**k’s up his ass?” I heard Viking shout, but I ignored the dick. I had plenty pissing me off already, didn’t need no more.

Mae had been with her sisters in the apartment since we got back, trying to calm them the f**k down. Getting ’em back to the compound had been a f**kin’ riot. The bitches rocking, hands on knees, in the corner of the van like we were trafficking them across the border or some shit. Never seen anything like it.

Complete mindfuck.

As I sat down, I stared at the painting of Persephone and thought of Mae. Thought of that bastard commune, what she’d been through. A wave of nausea rolled in my stomach, and I pulled out a smoke, lighting up. As I took a drag, I tipped my head back and exhaled. Loved that bitch more than I ever thought possible, but her coming from that place to this… fuck… I was starting to think it weren’t such a good idea. She deserved more. More than outlaw life.

Hearing the door from the bar click open, I glanced over the yard.


Seeing me on the bench, she headed over to me. She’d changed, white wedding dress gone, tight black jeans and tank in its place. She was so f**kin’ beautiful, the brothers from the other chapters all gawking when they saw her on my arm. Fuckers knew with one look why I went to war to get her back.

Standing before me, she tilted her head and ran her hand through my hair. I closed my eyes and groaned. Focusing on Mae again, I tapped my knee, telling her to sit. Smiling, she did as I asked and wrapped her arms round my neck.

“H-how’s your sisters?” I asked, watching her smile fade.

“They are afraid. Fearful of the outside, fearful of the brothers. They have cried, fought against being here, but thankfully they have fallen asleep. I just hope some rest will help them calm down.” She shrugged and glanced up at the apartment’s bedroom window. “They will adjust. They just need to relearn… well, everything. It will be a long road for them… and me.”

Nodding, I took another drag of my smoke and Mae’s hand ran across my cheek. “Why are you out here all alone?” I didn’t answer, just stared at the ground, picturing that f**kin’ prison cell at the commune, that fence, that cunt’s gun to Mae’s head, say hello to Jezebel Satan’s whore… fuck!

“Styx!” Mae jerked upright and held my face in both her hands. “What is wrong? You are worrying me.”

Finishing my smoke, I threw it to the ground and met Mae’s wide eyes. “Th-that f**kin’ commune.” I shook my head and she stooped breathing. “It was f-fucked up, a goddamn c-cage.”

“Styx… do not do this to yourself. It is over. My life is with you now… here. The Order is no more.” Her eyes started filling with water and her hands were shaking in fear.

Fuck, she was gonna cry.

“C-can’t help but think you’re s-swapping one c-cage for another b-being with me in this c-club. That I-I’m a f**kin’ asshole for k-keeping you h-here.” I took her right hand from my cheek and laced my fingers through hers. “I w-want you, Mae, so f**kin’ b-bad, but we l-live different in th-this life. Protected. Cast o-out… f-fenced in. You n-need to l-live, taste real f-freedom.”

Mae moved and straddled my thighs. “No! Do not do this! Not to us!”


“NO! Listen to me, Styx.” I gave her a nod and gripped my hands on her tiny f**kin’ waist. “This is no cage.” Her arms motioned to the clubhouse. “It is freedom. For the first time in my life, I feel wanted… like I finally belong. There is nowhere on Earth I would rather be than here with you. You do not cage me, Styx. You make me soar.”

And just like that. I knew she was it. There would never be anyone else for me. Hell, there’d never been anyone else since I found her at that f**kin’ fence fifteen years ago. Mae’d always been mine.

“Styx?” Mae whispered, worrying her lip. I stared at my woman and a smirk spread on my lips. Mae sighed in response. Gripping the back of her neck, I smashed my lips to hers and kissed the f**k outta her mouth.

Mae groaned and I broke away still smirking, lifted her up and put Mae on her feet. “Let’s g-go get a d-drink.”

Mae pulled on my arm for me to stop, confusion on her face.

I pressed her forehead to mine. “I’m a-an outlaw, Mae, a-a one-percenter. I take wh-what I want, wh-when I want. L-lucky for y-you, I’m a s-selfish f**k, so you’re st-staying right h-here with m-me.”

The smile she gave me was blinding.

As soon as we walked into the bar, Beauty came barreling over, grabbing for Mae’s hand. “Mae! You’re coming with me!” Mae glanced over her shoulder at me and I gave her a nod. Smiling, she took off with Beauty in the direction of Letti, the bitches f**kin’ jumping now that Mae was back. I couldn’t take my eyes off my bitch and her ass in those jeans.

An arm slung ’round my shoulder ripping me from the view.


My VP shook his head and pointed his beer over at Mae. “Fuck, Styx. You’re one lucky bastard getting that pilgrim bitch in your bed.”

And didn’t I f**kin’ know it.