Ky moved next to me. “Who the f**k’s in there?”

I went to answer, when Mae turned to face us. “Can you get them out? They are trapped! I do not have the key!”

Bull stepped forward, holding the wire cutters he’d used to rip through the perimeter fence. “These’ll cut through the lock.”

Mae moved outta the way as Bull snapped open the lock. His eyes widened and when he walked back toward us, a look of approval spread across his face. Tank, Smiler and the psycho trio moved in to join me and Ky—we were all watching the cell like f**kin’ hawks.

Mae yanked open the stiff gate. “Come,” she coaxed soothingly.

Nothing happened.

Mae cast a nervous look at us and crouched to kneel. The brothers and I were completely silent.

“They will not harm you. You have my word. You need not be afraid. They look different from us, but they are good men.” Mae shuffled back, then stood, holding out her hands.

Nothing happened for several more seconds. Then a small hand was planted on the dried mud, then another, and a cult bitch came into view. Mae bent down and helped her stand. The bitch immediately turned to face us.

“Fuck. Me…” Ky hissed from my left. I looked at my best friend. The brother’s mouth was hanging wide open as he stared at the blonde. She was one stunning bitch: blue eyes, long blond hair, though not a patch on Mae—in my eyes.

Then the blonde glanced down and screamed, pushing back into Mae, horrified at the sight of the elders slaughtered and bleeding out, on the ground.

Mae caught her in her arms. “Hush, Lilah.”

“The elders,” she whispered, the same f**kin’ strange accent as Mae tripping from her lips.

“They had to be killed, Lilah. That or they would have killed us. The Hangmen saved our lives.”

“My c**k just got real f**kin’ hard,” Ky informed me, his voice sounding like he was in pain. I rolled my eyes. Of course the horny bastard was feeling Lilah. She was exactly his type: damn supermodel looks and stacked tits.

Lilah stared us down like she was looking at the devil, but her eyes flared and her lips parted as they landed on Ky.

“Shit. I’m in love,” he rasped out again. I slapped the f**ker upside his head.

Mae crouched down again and Viking moaned out loud. “You telling me there’s more in there? What is this place? A f**kin’ breeding farm for Victoria’s Secret? First Mae turns up, looking all kinds’a hot, then the big titted blond playmate, and now someone else?”

I flew at the redheaded f**ker and gripped him by the collar, snarling.

“Chill, Prez. I ain’t making a play for your old lady, but you can’t deny she’s one hot bitch. Fuck, and when she’s in those leathers—” I planted the dickhead on his ass and moved back next to Ky, leaving Viking smirking on the floor. AK shook his head in exasperation.

My VP was still transfixed on the blonde and she on him. Great.

Mae took another hand from the small cell and a flash of black hair, the same shade as my woman’s, was seen first. Mae immediately bundled a tiny bitch in her arms. She was wrapped so tight in Mae’s arms I couldn’t even see her face. Mae ran her hands down her hair and lay kiss after kiss on her head.

“Lilah?” Mae called to the blonde. Lilah looked up from Ky and took Mae’s outstretched hand. As one, the three of them made their way to us, Mae smiling so f**kin’ big at me. We’d gotten her sisters out. My chest tightened and my c**k twitched. She was so damn beautiful. And all f**kin’ mine.

“Styx, Ky, Tank, Bull, Viking, AK, Flame, Smiler; these are my sisters.”

Mae pushed the blonde to step farther forward and her big blue eyes met Ky’s again. The brother actually groaned out loud, causing the bitch to frown. Mae immediately looked pissed and her eyes narrowed at my VP.

“This is Lilah.” Mae smiled wide. “Lilah, these are the Hangmen.”

“The Hangmen?” Lilah questioned. Shit, she reminded me of Mae when she first came to the club. Completely f**kin’ clueless.

Mae let out a giggle. “It is a club of sorts, Lilah. They ride motorbikes.”

Lilah’s hand ran nervously over her tied-back hair. “What is a motorbike?”

Mae’s eyes caught mine and she giggled again, then looked to her friend, rubbing along her back. “All will be explained in time.”

Mae then turned to the dark-haired bitch in her arms and whispered something in her ear. She flinched as Mae pulled back her hair, revealing the side of her face. She slowly lifted her head.

Holy. Fuck. It was Mae. Mae with green eyes instead of ice-blue.

“Jesus Christ! Please tell me there’s more hot bitches in that cell, Mae. One for each of us,” AK said. Mae humored the brother by flashing him a shy smile, then shook her head.

“This is my sister, Maddie. She is my blood sister.”

Maddie straightened at that, almost proud, darting her doe eyes along each of the brothers and then to the dead elders on the floor. With a pained sob, she clung to Mae’s hand.

“Shh, it is okay,” Mae said soothingly.

Maddie began to tremble and shook her head. Lilah flanked her and ran her hand across Maddie’s hair. “What is it, Maddie?”

Maddie seemed to pull herself round. She turned to face the Hangmen. Mae and Lilah’s mouths dropped open in shock. I took by their reactions that the move from their sister weren’t normal.

Maddie stepped forward and the brothers sucked in sharp breaths. She was hot. Hot but f**kin’ young.