Author: Pepper Winters

She smiled, eyes hazy with desire. “It sounds like heaven. Tomorrow. Book that in for tomorrow.” She flopped onto her side, curling into the sheepskin. “And a massage, too. You owe me for the one I gave you.”

My mind skipped back to the night she’d tried to break me. The struggle I’d suffered. The conditioning that almost ruined my life.

I shuddered.

I never wanted another flashback.

I never wanted to think about Russia or Ghosts again.

Mimicking Hazel, I lay on my side, then I did the one thing I’d been dying to do for months.

Gathering her inert, well-sated form into mine, I spooned the woman I loved. Locking us together like a yin and yang. The fluffy cuffs adding another element of belonging.

She sighed, snuggling her perfect ass into my front and grabbing my arm to hug her tighter. “This. This is what I always hoped we’d have.”

I nuzzled her ear, breathing deeply. “I’ll hold you every night as you go to sleep. Every morning, I’ll wake up and make love to you. And we’ll grow old together in each other’s arms.”

She sighed in perfect contentedness.

We relaxed in front of the fire for hours. My body wrapped around her. Two sides of two lifetimes coming together forever.

The issues of my past had gone. I had freedom to play with my children and learn to be a father. I had the privilege of learning to be a worthy husband.

My life had started with hope and ended by tragedy, but through all of it, I survived. I survived and fell in love with the woman who saved me, and I had a future I would treasure forever.

One day I would hold my daughter’s hand while I walked her to school.

One day I would teach my son how to metal work.

I had everything I ever wanted.

I had more love than I could ever need.

I had a family.